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AC Voltage Sampling Board A1M61S1

editor:admin    date:2014-07-22

A1M61S1 samples the voltage of two AC inputs. Each AC circuit outputs an adjustable AC voltage sampling signal and a fixed AC voltage sampling signal.

Specification Parameters
The number of input circuits
Input voltage
Input mode
3-phase 4-line
Output signal of each AC input
1. For measuring
AC 1.5V, 3-phase common GND output (adjustable)
To the monitoring box of distribution unit
2. For switching
AC 6.22V, 3-phase common GND output (Unadjustable)
To the automtic switch box
The AC voltage sampling board outputs two loops of AC sampling signals to monitoring box of distribution unit and AC automatic switchover box respectively. The monitoring box of AC and DC distribution unit- completes A/D conversion function, and sends the digital value to the PCU for display, at the same time judges if there is overvoltage/undervoltage alarm according to the digital value. Refer to for its wiring. The signal output to the AC automatic switchover box will be compared with reference signal to complete automatic switching. Refer to section 2.5 for more information of AC automatic switchover box.