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EMU10 Monitoring System

editor:admin    date:2014-07-22


The EMU10 includes the monitoring circuit inside the power module, the controller module (EMU10), distribution
monitoring units (EAU01, EDU01 and EGU01) and ISD (JYM-II and JYM-S2, or EDU01 and EGU01), and BMS
(EBU01and EBU02),
The EMU10 collects information from downstream monitoring devices, and then displays the information, generates alarms or sends control commands to the downstream monitoring devices after performing analysis and calculation to the collected information.   
A built-in monitoring board monitors the rectifier, the AC distribution monitoring module EAU01, DC distribution monitoring module EDU01 and generic distribution monitoring module EGU01 monitor the system power distribution.
The system insulation status is monitored by EDU01 working with EGU01, or ISD. The battery connected to the system is monitored by the batter detector
The analog signal and digital signal of EMU10 are collected, calculated and sent to the controller by data collecting devices such as EAU01, EDU01, EGU01 (or master ISD JYM- + slave ISD) and BMS EBU01 or EBU02, and the controller will display these signals or issue alarms. The analog and digital signals introduced in the following are theoretically the maximum quantities that can be monitored. In actual situation, the number may vary with different settings.
System Functions
Perform battery auto BC/FC management, current limiting charge management, temperature1      Battery management compensation and battery capacity checking testaccording to the user’s settings on BC to FC or FC to BC parameters.
Perform BC protection to the battery according to the auto BC protection time set by the user
RS232/RS485 communication with host using MODBUS or CDT91 protocol, user can select the   protocol according to actual needs.
Using memory disk can upgrade the application software, and can also import or export theconfiguration file.