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Emerson EBU01 (EBU02) battery detector

editor:admin    date:2014-07-22

The Emerson battery detector is applicable to detecting batteries in power plants and transformer substation. It has two models: EBU01 and EBU02. The small size makes it suitable to be installed in a small space of electric cabinets.

Functions of EBU01 battery detector
1. EBU01 can detect temperature of two routes, current of one route, voltage of 24 battery cells. EBU02 can detect voltage of 19 battery cells.
2. The battery detector can adjust the measurement levels (2V, 6V, 12V) automatically according to the battery cell voltage, so as to improve the measurement accuracy.
3. Upon battery detector start, if the voltage of any detecting channel exceeds approximately 36V, the battery detector will shut down all the channels and stop the test. The alarm indicator will flash. The test will resume only when the power is cut off and the fault is cleared.
4. During the test process, if the voltage of any detection channel exceeds approximately 16.7V, the battery detector will shut down all the channels, stop the measurement and reset itself automatically. If the measurement voltage exceeds 16.7V after the reset, the preceding process will repeat. The alarm indicator will flash during the reset process. The battery detector will resume automatically after the overvoltage is removed.
Specification of EBU01 (EBU02 )battery detector
The specification of BD is shown in the following table.
 DB specification
Input voltage range
80 ~ 320Vdc
Power consumption
Ambient temperature
-10 ~ +50°C
Relative humidity
10%RH ~ 90%RH
70 ~ 106kPa
About 2kg
Communication baud rate
Battery string voltage
80 ~ 320V
 ± 0.3%
The sum of all battery cells voltages
One route of battery current
-4 ~ 4V, Hall sensor measurement range -3000 ~ 3000A
 ± 0.5%
For EBU01
Two routes of battery temperature
-25 ~ 75
 ± 1℃
Voltage of battery cells 1 ~ 24
0.100 ~ 16.500V
 ± 0.2%
Voltage of battery cells 1 ~ 19
0.100 ~ 16.500V
 ± 0.2%
For EBU02