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Emerson HD22020-2 Rectifier Module

editor:admin    date:2014-07-21

The HD22020-2 rectifier (EMERSON) outputs 20A current, and it is mainly applied in the large-sized substation and various power generation plants. See the following tables for the specifications of HD22020-2 rectifier.

                            HD22020-2 rectifier Input specifications

                           HD22020-2 rectifier Protection specifications

Protection of the input overvoltage
456 ± 5V, Recovery point: 430 - 450V
Protection of the input undervoltage
304 ± 5V, Recovery point: 310 - 330V
Protection of the output overvoltage
323 ± 3V, unrecoverable
Alarm for the output undervoltage
195V ± 3V
Phase failure protection
Any phase, recoverable
Overtemperature protection
85℃, recovery point: 80℃

HD22020-2 rectifier Monitoring interface

Remotely acquiring alarm/digital signal
AC input overvoltage/undervoltage, Phase failure, output overcurrent, rectifier overtemperature, output overvoltage/undervoltage
Remotely acquiring analog signal
Output voltage, output current
Remotely controling system state
Rectifier on/off, boost charging/float charging, output current limit (10% - 100%)
Remotely adjusting voltage analog signal
Output voltage 198-284V

HD22020-2 rectifier Insulation specifications

Insulation resistance
AC to chassis: ³ 10MW
DC to chassis: ³ 10MW
Dielectric strength
AC to ground: ³2KVAC, Leakage current: £30mA, Time: 1min, No flashover.
AC to DC: ³2KVAC, Leakage current: £30mA, Time: 1min, No flashover.
DC to ground: ³2KVAC, Leakage current: £30mA, Time: 1min, No flashover.

HD22020-2 rectifier  Other specifications

Ambient temperature
-5 – 40℃
Relative humidity
£90% (25℃)
Acoustic noise
515´460´125mm3 (Width X Depth X Height)

II. Notes to usage
In the electrical characteristics, HD22020-2 rectifier is the same as the convection-cooling rectifier in the usage. But, it is a fan-cooling rectifier. In particular, please pay attention to the following items:
1. Thermal design of the rectifier
The rectifier is cooled through a fan. So, in the design, keep the vent duct from being obstructed by any other objects.
2. Dust-proof design
The fan in the rectifier shall be properly protected from dusts. The dust is the major factor affecting the service life of the fan.




                            HD22020-2 rectifier Output specifications

Output voltage range
198 - 286V Continuously adjustable
Output DC current
Rated: 20A, Maximum: 21A
Range of the output steady current
10% - 100% rated current
Voltage stability
£ ±0.5%
Current stability
£± 1%
Ripple coefficiency
£± 0.05%


Input voltage
AC three-phase three-wire 304V-456V, 50Hz±10%
Input current
Startup surge £ 30A
Power factors
³ 0.90
³ 90%