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Intelligent High-frequency Switch Mode Electric Power System with Separate-Cabinet System Structure

editor:admin    date:2014-07-22

PowerMaster series intelligent high-frequency switch mode electric power system (for short, power system) is a highly reliable product developed by Emerson Network power Co. Ltd. based on its years of development experience. The system components include the input power distribution, rectification, DC output, monitoring system, insulation status detection and battery detection. It is applicable to power plants, hydropower stations, substations, and switching stations, providing DC power for circuit breaker switching, and for other equipment, meters, protection relays and illumination. It’s features:

modular design characteristic of switching power supply
redundancy hot standby
adjustable to various power networks with super-wide voltage input range
rectifiers being hot-pluggable, convenient for online maintenance
with the cutting-edge soft switching technology, the rectifiers features high efficiency with low EMI 
±3%low difference active load sharing of rectifiers ensures inter-rectifier imbalance rate of only
CE safety and EMC certified rectifiers, ensuring reliability and safety
open interface design with strong communication function, convenient for connection with substation RTU or the power plant DCS
automatic battery management and protection, with real-time monitor function over battery operation state and parameters
The structure of the separate-cabinet with 10 HD22010-3 rectifiers is shown in Figure separate-cabinet structure.  It can also use rectifiers including HD22020-3, HD11020-3 and HD11040-3. The system structure slightly varies with different rectifier models and numbers, but the overall layouts are the same.
 Separate-cabinet structure