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DC power supply renovation case of a Hydropower Station

编辑:本站原创    发布日期:2014-11-17

In the first quarter, Technology Service Center of Xi’an Goshen electric Co., Ltd. arranged an inspection of electricity-operated power supply equipment provided by Shaanxi terminal user network. Most customers speak highly of the DC power system provided by Goshen Electric Inc. A medium-sized hydropower station client said he once bought DC power system from other manufacturer. But it came up many quality problems in less than two years, and the monitor display was in disordered. The rectifier module was half damaged. However, the previous manufacture has changed his career. Manufacture of the core parts of DC power system also disappeared. The maintain group of the hydropower station can only maintain equipment by some spare parts which bought previously. There is no doubt that that DC power system is in a great risk. On the contrary, the DC power system which adopting the core parts of EMERSON direct-current main has been safely operated over 3 years and without any tiny fault.
So, that hydropower station wanted Goshen Electric Inc. to remake the DC power system of other brands with the core parts of EMERSON. The previous DC power system has two charge ways with 110V DC power system voltage, 2 groups of 100AH storage batteries, with only one insulated bus, and the battery detector is almost broken. Considering the cost, the client demanded to keep original cabinet, busbar, storage battery, alternate switch and DC miniature circuit breaker.
Experts from Goshen Electric Technology Center analyzed the current DC power system situation in details and gave a solution. They will keep the original charging cabinet , battery cabinet, storage battery, AC and DC switch on the cabinet and hall sensor. They make some replacements and innovations on monitor and charge units and changed insulated bus into feeder line insulation detector to replace the battery detector. The previous low-end DC power system cannot realize hot plug. While, the DC power system rectifier module of EMERSON has this function (need the support of accurate plug frame and lead rail), so this time, it was remade into a DC power system with hot plug function. Considering current situation, experts decided to remake it by using inner plug frame and design a specialized integrated plug according to cabinet size and original layout. The plug cabinet had HD11020-3 rectifier module, PSM-E11 supervision unit, A1M61S1 AC sampling board, PFU-3 DC voltage sampling box, JYM-IIA vertical insulation status detector as well as two stage lightning protection system of C-level and D-level. JYM-IIA vertical insulation status detector can be put with HD11020-3 together. EBU02 battery detector is in the storage battery panel. Considering the heat radiation problem of rectifier module, the distribution frame was rationally used thermal design.
Detail configuration scheme as follows: 6 HD11020-3 rectifier modules, 2 PSM-E11 supervision units, 2 A1M61S1 AC sampling boards, 2 PFU-3 DC voltage sampling boxes, 2 JYM-IIA vertical insulation status detectors, 2 EBU02 battery detectors, 16 JYM11L1 mutual inductors, 8 JYM11L2 mutual inductors, 2 VH40TA385M C-level surge protection devices and 2 SPD12Z D-level SPDs. 
Nowadays, this renovation project finished successfully. The hydropower station DC power system client spoke highly of the effect and cost.