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ER22010/T & HD22010-3 Power Supply Module of Emerosn

编辑:本站原创    发布日期:2014-11-17

EMERSON, the leading brand of the core parts of DC power system, releases ER series rectifier module and win immerse praise for its creative design. Nowadays, ER22010/T module has fully replaced HD22010-3 rectifier module and become the first choice of rectifier part for 65AH、100AH DC power system.
Comparing with the old model HD22010-3,ER22010/T has advantages in both design concept and assembly convenience. With higher module power density, ER22010/T occupies little space and adopts 2U*4U standard design, which is more suitable for design and installation. At the same time, install a build-in insulation diode was installed in the module. The side of rectifier module uses gold finger and the side of system uses assembled integrated socket. While the connector of HD22010-3 rectifier module adopts decentralized design, namely, insulation diode, radiator and communication conversion cards are provided as parts and components and it needs assembling by DC power system manufacturers. Electric iron is also needed. Unqualified assembly technique will result in hidden faults. Comparing with HD22010-3 module, it is more convenient to install and maintain ER22010/T. The dependability of input-output interface rises considerably.
HD22010-3 module communicates with monitor through RS485. ER22010/T module communicates with monitor through CAN communication bus. At the same time, CAN bus can realize the flow equalize among rectifier module. However, HD22010-3 module needs to assemble specialized current equalizer. Equalizing circuit adds more potential fault points. Some DC power system manufacturers may connect current equalizer between control module and circuit breaker switching module during the assembly of GZDW34 and GZDW34, which will lead to system crash.
ER22010/T has improved a lot in function integration. For example, change the previous manual dialing switch (need to set control method to choose dial mode at the same time, address identification dial and address set dial) of HD22010-3 into electronic button control model. The testing becomes more concise. And the maximum number of parallel operation of each rectifier module is raised to 31, namely, one EMU10 supervision unit can monitor 31 ER22010/T modules, while the previous PSM-E11 (or PSM-E20) module can only monitor 16 HD22010-3 modules. Besides, the ER22010/T module newly established by EMERSON can be improved in function and dependability.